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We’re the pws_agency, a fullservice IT agency based in Augsburg.

Our major strengths are websites, e-commerce platforms, operations, hosting, web development, logo design and IT consulting. But of course we can do much more...

The best thing is to take a look at our services or send us an e-mail to find out what we can do for you.

We want our customers to be well prepared for the digital age!




In the digital age, websites have become the most important acquisition instrument of all sectors. Mobile optimized, responsive websites are automatically preferred by Google search results. If you're not investing in your website, you will pass on potential clients right along to your competitors!

Besides an intuitive operation and an appealing design of a website, the simple administration of the presented contents is essential. A CMS system combines these requirements and is ideally suited for all purposes. Therefore we build your website with WordPress or DjangoCMS. On request we also create static websites, which are especially suitable for landing pages.

Need help customizing or expanding your website? Then we are exactly the right contact. In addition to any design adaptations and content changes of your website, we support you with all your requirements.

In addition to CMS, Plugin & Theme Updates, our range of services includes other important operational topics, such as data loss protection with data backups, availability monitoring and protection against hackers, through firewalls or plug-ins.

E-commerce has become increasingly important in recent years. Those who want to successfully market their products can no longer do without a good and appealing online shop - because it is open 24 hours a day. We help you to implement a shop system based on Shopware, so that you can sell your products according to the market.

Shopware is one of the most powerful and popular shop systems on the market. With Shopware it doesn't matter whether you focus on B2C or B2B sales: Being able to address different target groups emotionally and individually is one of Shopware's key unique selling points. Thanks to the software architecture, you can implement cross-channel sales solutions and extensive dealer integration and marketplace models in addition to the classic e-commerce requirements.

In contrast to most material human products such as tools, machines or vehicles, software is characterized by high complexity and flexibility. Therefore we use the latest technologies and frameworks for our web applications.

A framework contains frequently used functions and repeating elements. They save the designer or developer a lot of work, because they can fall back on ready-made functions. That's why we don't start reinventing the wheel, but use frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery or Angular.

Web applications are an efficient solution for mapping processes on the Internet. The separate development for different platforms becomes unnecessary and the deployment is possible from any device - only a browser is needed. Therefore we are specialized in web technologies with a special focus on Django applications, CMS-based portals and open source technologies.

Whether you want to introduce new functions or simply keep your application up to date, we won't let you down and wait for your web application.

IT operations is responsible for the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and the applications provided on it. The integration and management of increasingly complex technologies is in our blood. We have specialized in the following areas:

Linux is actually only an operating system kernel, but is often referred to as an operating system. The core is secure, comprehensive and free of charge, which makes a switch from Windows to Linux worthwhile in any case. There are Linux variants especially for surfing, for multimedia or for example for data recovery. In our projects we mainly use Ubuntu-Linux, because we attach great importance to versatility and security. In addition, we are not interested in complicated licensing models.

The term generally refers to the provision of storage space on the Internet and the storage of Internet pages on a server. The prerequisite for this is a powerful server that is online around the clock. We will be happy to help you find the right hosting offer for your project and also to manage and configure it. For the administration of the servers we use the configuration management Ansible.

Translated, monitoring simply refers "observation", meaning the continuous monitoring of devices, web applications or websites. We offer monitoring with the monitoring platform Icinga2 so that our customers always know the current status of their website or server. If you need extensive web statistics, e.g. to define your target group more precisely, we will gladly configure the open source platform Matomo for you, with which you can easily manage this analysis.

As an IT agency, we support you in designing your product from day one in order to keep up with the digital age. We love the close cooperation with our customers. That's why we are happy to advise you in the following areas:


    CMS/CRM Systems

    Web Applications

    Web Development

    IT Security


Together with Elektro Roth, we plan and design a network environment for your individual needs in the company. We support you in planning and designing the infrastructure. From setting up the servers to setting up the equipment and workstations to wiring your rooms, we take care of all activities.

According to your requirements, the network should be set up in such a way that you can work with it in a long-term and future-proof manner. The use of the right techniques and equipment plays an important role. 

What should your smart home be able to do? With Homematic IP you can automate all areas as you wish: Heating and air conditioning, lighting and shading, security and surveillance, and weather and environment. Control your heating completely according to your personal preferences and save up to 30 percent of your energy costs.


Our Partner

Fotografie Mertes

Fotografie Mertes


The photographer Karlheinz Mertes is your reliable partner for image and video processing. His focus is on business and product shoots. Through the cooperation with Karlheinz we can offer "everything from one source" and the customer has only one contact person for the complete project.

Karlheinz Mertes
Photography & Film
Elektro Roth

Elektro Roth


Elektro Roth has positioned itself as a solution provider in the electrical engineering sector. This experience of many years with electrical problems enables Wolfgang Roth to realize complex problems and projects. This is why we have had a functioning partnership since our foundation.

Wolfgang Roth
Electrical Engineer

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